Personalised Letter From Santa or Father Christmas & Nice List Certificate 2021

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Luxury Detailed Edition

Imagine how excited they will be when a personalised letter and certificate arrives from The North Pole!

Brand new wording for 2021.

Printed on authentic crisp textured paper, this letter is signed by Santa (or Father Christmas), stamped by the North Pole Delivery Office and has multiple personation points.

Each letter is highly personalised and unique to each child.

Personalisation Points
Personalisation Points
  • Personalised Nice List Certificate
  • Their Age
  • Their Location
  • Their Friends Name
  • Their Brothers or Sisters
  • Their Pets
  • An Achievement
  • Treats they will leave out on Christmas Eve
  • Mentions any previous visits to Lapland or Grotto
  • Magic Reindeer Food *
  • Magic Snow *
  • Good Behaviour Pack *
  • Bedtime Text Message *
  • Arrival Notice Telegram *
  • Magic Key *
  • * Optional

    Personalised Telegram Arrival Notice
    Personalised Telegram Arrival Notice
    New for 2021! Santa (or Father Christmas) sends this telegram to confirm his arrival on Christmas Eve. Leave out on the run-up to Christmas. It is personalised with the child’s name and location. One per child.
    The Essentials
    Upgrade your letter
    The Essentials
    This makes for a highly personalised and magical experience. All of the extras below will be mentioned in their letter.

    Magic Snow - add water and watch in amazement as cold, fluffy snow appears!

    Magic Reindeer Food - leave out as a tasty treat for the Reindeer.

    Good Behaviour & Wishlist Pack - encourage good behaviour and find out what they would like for Christmas.
    Good Behaviour & Wishlist Pack
    Good Behaviour & Wishlist Pack
    Each child will fill in their Christmas Wishlist, sign to confirm they will behave and seal their envelope with a wax stamp sticker. Attach the postage stamp to 'send' back to the North Pole.
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    Deluxe Treat Pack
    Their Christmas Eve Treat Pack "magically appears" from the North Pole. Each child has been sent a special task for Christmas Eve, to leave Santa (or Father Christmas) and his Reindeer some treats ready for their arrival...

    Simply follow the instructions with a little one on Christmas Eve!

    An official North Pole gold stamp is embossed into the enchanted wooden chest for authenticity with their name laser engraved on top.

    Imagine how excited they will be when a Treat Pack with their name on arrives from The North Pole!

    A beautiful keepsake that will last a lifetime. Fun, Exciting & Magical!
    Personalised Wrapping Paper
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    Personalised Wrapping Paper
    Introducing our luxury personalised wrapping paper! Your favourite design is printed onto high-quality, recyclable, smooth wrapping paper ready to impress. Delivered as a 60cm tall roll with a length of your choice.
    Personalised Video Message From Santa
    A Magical Christmas Eve Experience
    Personalised Video Message From Santa

    Get ready to join Santa (or Father Christmas) and his Elves as they get ready on Christmas Eve!

    Watch as they are amazed when Santa (or Father Christmas) appears on the screen, says their name, knows what they would like for Christmas and much more...

    This is a fantastic enchanting experience for everyone to enjoy and compliments the entire Festive Studio range.