Christmas 2024 - Coming Soon!

Classic Treat Pack (Sold Out)

Out of stock

Our classic treat pack is officially sold out for the season and unfortunately will not be replenished this year.

However you can still upgrade your Christmas Eve with our new luxury treat pack. Explore the pack here.

Welcome to your Christmas Eve Experience

Printed on authentic crisp textured paper, this letter is signed by Santa (or Father Christmas), stamped by the North Pole Delivery Office and has multiple personation points.

Christmas is such a magical time for your whole family.

This is the perfect build-up to Christmas in one enchanted pack!

What is a Christmas Eve Treat Pack?

The Treat Pack "magically appears" from the North Pole.

Each child has been sent a special task for Christmas Eve, to leave Santa (or Father Christmas) and his Reindeer some treats ready for their arrival...

Simply follow the instructions with a little one on Christmas Eve!

Fun, exciting & magical...

Includes one personalised engraved wooden box for up to 5 children.

Limited Edition

Our Elves have only made a small number of wooden boxes for 2023. We expect them to sell out quickly and unfortunately our stock will not be replenished this year.