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Special Offer
Santa Special Surprise - New For 2021!
Everyone knows that Santa is responsible for delivering presents to every good boy and girl around the world. Have you ever wondered who delivers presents to Santa?
Special Delivery
Join Jack and Daisy on their adventures, delivering the magic of Christmas. While all of their classmates make long lists of toys they would like for Christmas, Jack and Daisy think about how they can make other people's Christmas' special.
Octoclaus is determined to show his marine friends that you can do anything you put your mind to, even if it means travelling to the other side of the world.
There's a new Reindeer in town! Follow the magical adventures of Rubydolph as she sets out to discover her special talent. Will she be faster than Comet in a race around the North Pole?
Gingerbread Geoffrey
Gingerbread Geoffrey hangs high on the Christmas tree, watching the festivities unfold. Although he realises that maybe the busy grown-ups need some cheering up.
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