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Personalised Luxury Easter Pack (Sold Out)
How many children are there?
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How old will they be?
Their age when they read their letter.
Select their town or city...
Enter the first few letters and choose from the dropdown list where the Easter Bunny will visit. You can select 'Their Home' if your choice isn't available.
What magical address should be printed on their envelope?

This is where their envelope and letter will be left by the Easter Bunny.

This will be printed on the front of their envelope exactly as you type below.

E.g. "Third Twinkling Star On The Right” or "Next to the flowerpot in the garden".

Enter the first name of one pet.
You can leave this blank if they do not have one.
Would they like a personalised txt message from the Easter Bunny?
£3.00 each. This is optional, you can click next to skip this page.

"In the next few hours, I will set off on a journey! Hop off to bed early..."

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Personalised Easter Egg Hunt
Take your Easter egg hunt to the next level with this box and get ready for an entertaining and unforgettable Easter that's sure to be a hit with the whole family!
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