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How old will they be?
Their age when they read their letter.
Select their town or city...
Enter the first few letters and choose from the dropdown list where Santa or Father Christmas will visit. You can select 'Their Home' if your choice isn't available.
Enter the first name of their friend, brother or sister.
Santa or Father Christmas will mention their friend being on the Nice List too.
Enter the first name of one pet.
You can leave this blank if they do not have one.
What should their letter mention?
Choose something that has happened this year.
Which treats will they leave out for Santa or Father Christmas?
You can select multiple options.
Have they ever visited Santa or Father Christmas?
This can be in any previous year.
Notification Of Arrival Telegram?
A personalised traditional card and envelope informing them of the upcoming visit.
Would they like a personalised magical video experience?
Highly recommended! Available from The Portal after checkout.
Their names will be spoken out loud! You can even add photos and presents!
Includes an interactive golden ticket delivered by post.
Special offer! Order here and save £5. Add up to 5 children.
North Pole Tour
Get ready for a personalised magical tour around the North Pole this Christmas! Meet the Elves and visit the toy workshop!
Fix The Sleigh
Oh no! The Sleigh has broken down, do you know who could help save Christmas on this personalised musical adventure?
Would they like a personalised bedtime txt message?
£3.00 each. This is optional, you can click next to skip this page.

"Please go to bed early...and no peeping!"

Do they have a personalised magic key?
To help Santa or Father Christmas with his deliveries on Christmas Eve.
Magic keys are available on the accessories page to purchase separately with multiple names.
Enchanted Story Books (Optional)
Special Offer!
There's a new Reindeer in town! Follow the magical adventures of Rubydolph as she sets out to discover her special talent. Will she be faster than Comet in a race around the North Pole?
Even creatures that live under the sea love opening presents and wearing Christmas jumpers. Will Octoclaus be able to save Christmas Day for his friends on the coral reef?
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