Deluxe Christmas Eve Treat Pack Experience 2019

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Welcome to your Christmas Eve Experience

Christmas is such a magical time for your whole family.

This is the perfect build-up to Christmas in one enchanted pack!

What is a Christmas Eve Treat Pack?

Their Christmas Eve Treat Pack "magically appears" from the North Pole.

Each child has been sent a special task for Christmas Eve, to leave Santa (Father Christmas) and his Reindeer some treats ready for their arrival...

Simply follow the instructions with a little one on Christmas Eve!

Fun, Exciting & Magical!

It's Personalised

Imagine their name laser engraved on top.

An official North Pole gold stamp is embossed into the enchanted wooden chest for authenticity.

Watch their faces light up...

Imagine how excited they will be when a Treat Pack with their name on arrives from The North Pole!

Each Child Receives:

A Personalised Letter and Envelope From The North Pole

This authentic letter is printed onto crisp textured paper.

A Nice List Certificate

To confirm their place on the Christmas Nice List 2019.

* Signed by Head Elf Bernard


A sheet of colourful festive stickers.

Golden Coins

It wouldn't be Christmas without gold chocolate coins.

Hot Chocolate

A perfect mug of Cadbury's hot cocoa for bedtime ZzZzZz...

A Candy Cane

Is it Christmas without this stripy treat?


A sachet of Haribo for good measure.

Included In Each Treat Pack

A Drink For Santa or Father Christmas

An original glass milk bottle and paper straw for his favourite drink.

Magic Reindeer Food

Sprinkle on your lawn at night, the moon will make it sparkle bright...

Rudolph Will Be Hungry!

Magical Snow

Add water and watch in amazement as cold, fluffy snow appears!

Treat Plate

Leave a mince pie or carrot on the Treat Plate!

Shot Glass

A laser engraved North Pole shot glass for his favourite tipple.

A Secret Extra

Shh! There's a secret extra for Christmas Day.

Christmas Story Books (optional)

The Special Delivery - Official Treat Pack Story Book

Join Jack and Daisy on their adventures, delivering the magic of Christmas.

While all their classmates make long lists of toys they want for Christmas, Jack and Daisy think about ways to make other people enjoy this special time of year, as they set about helping their neighbour, the postman, with his busy deliveries.

Their thoughtfulness is rewarded in a magical adventure to the North Pole as well as a few special deliveries of their own!

This story contains a Festive Studio Treat Pack and is a highly recommended addition to your experience.

Adventures of Rubydolph - New for 2019!

There's a new Reindeer in town! Follow the magical adventures of Rubydolph as she sets out to discover her special talent.

Will she be faster than Comet in a race around The North Pole?

Will her gingerbread decorating be a success?

An enchanted, happy story for children of all ages.

Santa's Wish

A modern twist on the Christmas Classic; 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'.

In all the years of celebrating Christmas, no one had ever thought to ask Santa what he’d wish for.

Find out how one letter changed all that, in this classic-style Christmas Eve rhyming adventure, for early readers and their families to share year after year. heart-warming A story to inspire kindness at this special time of year.

Personalised Magic Key (optional)

We have no chimney as you can see, please use this magic key.

Personalised TXT (optional)

A personalised message from the North Pole sent to any mobile phone on Christmas Eve. Santa or Father Christmas will request they go to bed early - no peeping!

Pre-Christmas Pack (optional)

Encourage good behaviour and find out what they would like for Christmas. Each child will fill in their Christmas Wishlist, sign to confirm they will behave, seal their envelope with a wax stamp sticker and attach the North Pole postage stamp. An adult will then 'post' the envelope.

North Pole Telegram (optional)

Look! There's a video coming through from The North Pole!

This personalised Telegram can be easily accessed on Christmas Eve from any phone, iPad or computer.

Watch as they are amazed when Santa (or Father Christmas) appears on the screen, knows their name and messages them LIVE from The North Pole. They are told to go to bed nice early as he departs on route to their home.

One Box or Multiple

Up to four children can share one box or they can have one each.

Either way, each experience is personalised to each child.

Reuse Every Year

Each year we offer a refill pack with brand new personalised letters, perfect for their memory books.

We're always working on something new to compliment your Treat Pack and keep the magic alive.

A Tip For Parents

“Nibble and drink the treats, leave footsteps in the magic snow and watch their faces in the morning...”

Keep Them Believing

“The perfect way to keep the magic going...”

What's Not Included?

A camera. You'll need one. Capture the moment they realise a magical, personalised gift has arrived from the North Pole!


We asked customers on our Facebook page for honest reviews...

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“I ordered two Christmas treat packs for my son and my niece. I also ordered a magic key for each. The Festive Studio was amazing and were happy to answer any queries I had before my order was processed. When they arrived - Wow! They are absolutely gorgeous and worth every penny. My son was 4 and it made Christmas Eve so magical for him. He was so excited to leave Santa and his reindeers their treats and bedtime couldn’t come quick enough! Everything is extremely high quality and well made. The box itself is gorgeous too! Can’t wait to order my son a replacement treat pack for inside his box this year. Would highly recommend purchasing this for your child.”

“The first thing we thought when we opened up the cardboard delivery box was WOW!!!! The attention to detail was beautiful, the box is very well made and the engraving is absolutely stunning. On opening the box we were delighted to find an array of treats for our little one and some lovely pieces to put out for Santa. We must say having brought this last year we found that Santa was very happy with the treats we left him in his very special bottle and coaster as when we came down Christmas morning we only found crumbs! Now the only problem we have this year is that we have another new family member (born May 2018) which means we now have to buy a new treat box, Santa will be pleased!!! Sara Comerford”

“Absolutely amazing. My nephews and my special needs son loved their boxes. We now have a tradition to put the boxes out on Christmas Eve. A magical experience for children and adults.”

“We love our Treats Packs. We put them out under the tree on Christmas Eve!! They are amazing everything you need for an extra special Christmas Eve to sit down and watch our Christmas Eve movies with our hot chocolate and coins so a massive thumbs up from us and thank you.”

“We tried to order in 2016. Like most parents, we left everything until the last minute and Festive Studio had sold out! After seeing all of the good reviews we decided to order early in 2017. What can I say? They did not disappoint. They say you can't buy happiness however I can't put into words the joy, magic and excitement in our home over Christmas. I can't thank you enough for such a special experience and we will be back for a refill ready for 2018. Thank you Festive Studio, The Harrogate Family, Chester.”

Made In Staffordshire

All of our items are handcrafted by our Elves in Cannock, Staffordshire.

Due to the high volume of orders we receive and to eliminate spelling mistakes, all orders must be placed online.

Health & Safety

This is not a toy. For adult use only, keep out of reach of unsupervised children. This Treat Pack contains small parts that can cause a choking hazard and glass that can shatter. Do not let children handle glass. Magic Snow and Reindeer Food must not be consumed or inhaled. Always wash hands after use. You must follow the health and safety guidelines provided. Use at your own risk and by purchasing you agree to this notice. We do not accept liability for any injury or damage caused. The hot chocolate and golden coins contain dairy. Please refer to the outer packaging for ingredients and allergy information. These Haribo are not suitable for Vegetarians. The box is a natural wooden product, do not use if you are sensitive to dust or other allergens. If you are unsure please contact us first for further information.

Each name is engraved on top and every child receives; a Personalised North Pole Letter, Nice List Certificate, Chocolate Coins, Hot Chocolate, Candy Cane, Sticker Sheet and Haribo Sweets. Up to 4 children can share 1 Treat Pack.

Limited Edition

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