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Personalised North Pole Letter 2018 (Luxury Detailed Edition)

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Personalised North Pole Letter 2018 (Luxury Detailed Edition)

Imagine how excited they will be when a personalised letter arrives from The North Pole!

Printed on authentic crisp textured paper, this letter is signed by Father Christmas or Santa Claus and stamped by the North Pole Delivery Office.

Fill in each field as required, if you are unsure please leave the option blank. Please use short answers and order one letter per child. One word answers are preferred. It will not make sense if you try and enter multiple children for one item.

All letters are guaranteed to arrive well before Christmas.

Include all of the extra goodies for the ultimate Christmas experience.

Magical Snow

Add water and watch in amazement as cold, fluffy snow appears!

Magic Reindeer Food

Help the Reindeer find your home.

Sprinkle on your lawn at night, the moon will make it sparkle bright...

North Pole TXT Message

Receive a message to a phone of your choice on Christmas Eve. The message is from "The North Pole" and encourages the children to leave out Treats and go to bed early.

Christmas Story Books

The Special Delivery - Official Story Book by Samuel Langley-Swain & Festive Studio

Join Jack and Daisy on their adventures, delivering the magic of Christmas.

While all their classmates make long lists of toys they want for Christmas, Jack and Daisy think about ways to make other people enjoy this special time of year, as they set about helping their neighbour, the postman, with his busy deliveries.

Their thoughtfulness is rewarded in a magical adventure to the North Pole as well as a few special deliveries of their own!

Santa's Wish by Samuel Langley-Swain

A modern twist on the Christmas Classic; 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'.

In all the years of celebrating Christmas, no one had ever thought to ask Santa what he’d wish for.

Find out how one letter changed all that, in this classic-style Christmas Eve rhyming adventure, for early readers and their families to share year after year. heart-warming A story to inspire kindness at this special time of year.

The Christmas Next Door by T.A. Creaser & Samuel Langley-Swain

Grandad’s coming to stay for Christmas! What could possibly go wrong?

Grandad helps his family get through the challenges they face, in the run up to the big day, from Lily’s meltdown in her school nativity, to cremated turkey on a disastrous Christmas morning! His special gift helps the family come together and reminds them what Christmas should be all about.

This inclusive and warm book approaches the often-difficult subject of loss in an incredibly soft, subtle and sensitive way as a thread within the story, using over-arching themes of love, family and togetherness at Christmas time.

Keep Them Believing

“The perfect way to keep the magic going...”

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