Original Elf & Pixie Christmas Tradition


After the huge sell out in previous years and to beat the rush, we are releasing a small number of Elf & Pixie Christmas Tradition packs.

"Elf & Pixie encourages good behaviour..."

Follow the magical adventures throughout December with little ones. The 70+ page activity story book guides you through everything - a fun loving tradition that will change Christmas forever! Remember, Elf goes back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve and reports to Santa who has been naughty and nice!

"After working very hard in the North Pole this year, Pixie has granted me one magical wish... and my wish was.... to visit you!"

Watch their faces light up when their very own Elf arrives from the North Pole!

How it works?

Elf has been sent from the North Pole to ensure all children are well behaved on the run up to Christmas. You place Elf on your doorstep on the 1st December.

During the night Elf comes alive. Each morning Elf is found in a different situation - naughty or nice (there is an adult guide to help you). Will he be in your washing machine, cereal box or writing a letter back home? Let your imagination run wild and get creative.

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What's included?

  • Adult Help Guide
  • Your very own Elf
  • Activity Story Book (70+ pages) that features;
  • December Christmas Countdown
  • Word Search, Dot-To-Dot & Colouring
  • Christmas Maze & Activities
  • Christmas "Wish List"
  • Wooden Pencil
  • Elf Name Tag

This Elf is fun, super cute and does not require a shelf.

Where will Elf be found in your house?


"The most fun we've had in a long time."

"A perfect start to Christmas. I think we enjoyed it more than the kids."

"Sophie & Jake loved their Elf (Elvin) and can't wait for him to arrive next year!"

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